08.07.2024 - 11.07.2024, Online (Zoom)

Risk Management - How can we achieve good risk protection in a project? (basic module)


8., 9. & 11. July 2024

In today's dynamic global landscape, the ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks is important for ensuring the success and impact of development initiatives. Projects often run the risk of failing due to problems that could have been addressed early on. With systematic risk management, it is possible to proactively take initiative and counter unpleasant surprises in project work with a toolbox of prepared measures. With reasonable effort, project success can thus be effectively secured as much as possible.



In this online training, participants will learn the fundamental steps of risk management, develop a strategy for risk mitigation, and create a risk management plan. We'll start by exploring various techniques for identifying potential risks inherent in development projects, considering the diverse stakeholders, environments, and contexts involved. From there, we'll look into the process of assessing and analysing these risks, allowing the participants to understand their likelihood and potential impact on project outcomes. But risk management doesn't stop at assessment - we'll also look into effective strategies for mitigating these risks. Whether it's through risk transfer, avoidance, reduction, or acceptance, we’ll show how to develop tailored mitigation plans to safeguard our organization's objectives. By the end of the workshop, the participants will have a deeper understanding of risk management principles and a toolkit of strategies to navigate risks confidently, ultimately contributing to the resilience and success of their organization's development initiatives.


Target group

Target group are employees of German development NGOs and their partner organizations working in the development sector. You are therefore cordially invited to forward this invitation to your colleagues in the global south. Tandems of German employees and partners are welcome.



The seminar consists of three four-hour online sessions. The sessions will be in English.

First session: Monday, 8st July 2024, 1:00 pm -5:00 pm, CET

Second session: Tuesday, 9th July 2024, 1:00 pm -5:00 pm, CET

Third session: Thursday, 11th July 2024, 1:00 pm -5:00 pm, CET

Please note: Places are limited and participants who have been successful in getting a place must commit to 16 hours of their time for attending the three (3) online sessions (which are mandatory) as well as for self-study and course work.



Online (Zoom)



Cornelia Niklas is a consultant and trainer for businesses and non-profit organizations with years of experience in technical environments, medium-sized enterprises, and at the corporate level, serving as a project manager and controller. Her areas of expertise include project management, process management, risk management, and cost management.



Participation at this workshop is free of charge. The training is limited in number of participants. Your registration is binding.



Please register for the event by 17th June 2024. The registration period starts at 13th May 2024.

Please note that your registration is not a confirmation of participation. You will receive feedback about your admission to the course one to two weeks after your registration.


Please contact Almut Huss for further questions (a.huss(at)venro.org).