24.08.2021, Online (Zoom)

Good Indicators: SMART or not SMART – that is the question?!

Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie

13:30 – 17:00 hrs Indian Time (IST)

Other nations with different time zones are hearty welcomed!

Anyone who deals with indicators will quickly get to know the recognized quality criteria SMART. What the 5 letters stand for is quickly told. But what do they actually mean exactly? Because, in practice, many indicators are not SMART! Since projects are no longer output-oriented but impact-oriented, monitoring has also become more demanding. Behavioral changes, qualitative aspects, societal changes are to be measured here.  But how exactly does that work? And are there other ways to detect and evaluate changes? And what should be our focus: impacts or indicators??

This workshop will answer the above questions, and specifically, will enhance your ability to define indicators systematically.

What will the workshop offer?  

§  A better understanding of the significance of indicators in project cycle management

§  How to develop SMART indicators for an impact-oriented project monitoring

§  How to work with research questions

Who is this workshop for:

Participants shall be from organisations dealing with projects and programmes of development cooperation in all fields being responsible or involved in any activities of project cycle management. Knowledge of formalized planning procedures like log frame-planning and the use of project cycle management is neither required nor will be taught.

Workshop methodology:

The workshop is combined with methods of inputs, small group work, plenary discussions, feedback and hands on improvisation. Where ever possible participatory exercises will be conducted to enable one to hone this skill. By the end of the workshop participants will receive a brief presentation shown and links as reference materials.

Registration and organizational details:

The cost per person for the Zoom-Web-Training is: Rs. 2,800 + (18% GST) / 35 Euro. For online registration, please go to the English homepage of Karl Kübel Stiftung (https://www.kkstiftung.de/en/workshops/current-workshops/index.htm) and choose the following link. Your registration will be confirmed by mail soon after it has reached us. Registration Deadline: August 14, 2021

Further details can be found on the following web-page: https://www.kkstiftung.de/en/workshops/current-workshops/good-indicators/index.htm