12.10.2021, Online (Zoom)

Why Your Proposals Fail to Win Donors

Karl Kübel Stiftung

12 October 2021 11:00 – 16:00 Hours (IST) Other nations with different time zones are hearty welcomed to this workshop

Course Concept:

Very often NGOs submit project proposals to donors and fail to get a response or will get a rejection.  Certainly, none of us like it when the grant proposal is declined or rejected. If your organization just received a grant denial letter, you might be wondering “Why?”, “What next?”.  Rather than throwing the rejection note into the trash and moving on to the next proposal, it is essential to do an honest and diligent self-critiquing to determine why the donor denied the proposal. REMEMBER: whether you seek fund from a CSR Company, or apply for Government Grants, or Donation from Foreign Donor Agencies it is never guaranteed that you will be funded!


Analysing and understanding WHY a donor denied your proposal is the first step to improve future requests and increasing your chances for funding. Some grantors explicitly state in their guidelines that they do NOT provide feedback on why a grant proposal is denied. Hence this one-day training will help you understand the most common reasons of proposal rejection 


Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of a quality proposal
  • Checking the fundability of a Proposal
  • What to do when a proposal is rejected
  • How to align your project to the donor requirements.

Further details: https://www.kkstiftung.de/en/workshops/current-workshops/why-your-proposals-fail-to-win-donors/index.htm