11.06.2024 - 12.06.2024, Berlin

Workshop and Advocacy Training on Inclusive Community-Led Development (ICLD)



Workshop and Advocacy Training on Inclusive Community-Led Development (ICLD)


The Inclusive Community-Led Development (ICLD) approach emphasizes the active involvement of community members in decision-making processes and the implementation of development initiatives. It prioritizes inclusivity, participation, and empowerment, recognizing that sustainable development outcomes are best achieved when communities are at the forefront of identifying their own needs and driving change. By placing communities at the center of development efforts, the ICLD approach aims to foster ownership, sustainability, and resilience within local contexts, ultimately leading to more impactful and transformative outcomes.



This workshop serves as an opportunity for NGOs across Germany to come together, share experiences, and get insights into the principles of Inclusive Community-Led Development (ICLD). The primary aim is to introduce participants to the fundamental concepts of ICLD while providing a platform for interactive learning and practical application. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the potential, relevance, and urgency of the ICLD approach, fostering increased commitment to its implementation. Through interactive, participatory, and experiential methods, participants will not only be introduced to ICLD but will also actively apply its principles. Further, the workshop seeks to strengthen advocacy efforts surrounding ICLD within Germany. Participants will have the opportunity to co-create ideas and activities aimed at promoting ICLD principles and practices, thereby fostering positive change within their respective communities.


Target group

This workshop is aimed at employees of NGOs working in the development sector, advocacy officers and project/program managers.



The seminar consists of two face-to-face training days. The sessions will be in English.

First Training day: Tuesday, 11th June 2024, 09:00 am -5:00 pm, CEST

Second Training day: Wednesday, 12th June 2024, 9:00 am -2:00 pm, CEST



VENRO Office

Stresemannstr. 72

10963 Berlin 



Grace Chikowi (Country Director, The Hunger Project-Malawi)

Vincent Gründler (Das Hunger Projekt)



Godfrey Nanyenya (CBM Uganda) (for an online session)

Michael Schwinger (CBM Germany)



Participation at this workshop is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs must be organised and paid for by participants themselves. The training is limited in number of participants. Your registration is binding.


The VENRO guidelines for development policy project and programme work

The eight VENRO guidelines describe the common understanding of quality of VENRO's member organisations, which have committed themselves to aligning their project and programme work in the Global South with them (Video). We offer continuous training on individual guidelines for practical implementation. This training relates to Guideline No. 3: Empowerment and inclusive participation.



Please register for the event by 31st May 2024. The registration period starts at 15th April 2024.

Please note that your registration is not a confirmation of participation. You will receive feedback about your admission to the course one to two weeks after your registration.


Please contact Almut Huss for further questions (a.huss(at)venro.org).