27.02.2023 - 1.03.2023, Online

You have become a MEAL officer?

Karl Kübel Stiftung

MEAL Officer - what is meant by this task?

In the three day web-workshop from 27th February to 1st March 2023 you will deal with following questions and you will find an answer!

Monitoring: How to organise data collection and analysis?

Evaluation:  How to prepare external evaluations? How do TORs look like?) What about internal evaluations? What are standard evaluation criteria?

Accountability: Being accountable to donors and other stakeholders. Which ones and how?

Learning: How to organise internal learning?


Your Take-away:  Proven tools and checklists/guiding questions.  Practical exercises and exchanges among peers will give you some practice

Details of the Web-Workshop via Zoom:

27 Feb, 2023: Workshop + Peer Learning

28 Feb, 2023: Self + Project Team Time (2 hours)

01 Mar, 2023: Workshop + Peer Learning

Time: 14:00 – 17:00 hours (IST) 09:30 – 12:30 hours (EST) (Time plan finalised to suit most of the nations with different time zones)

Managing Humanitarian Aid work with the principles of project cycle management is becoming more intense and demanding in terms of resource, skill, values, experience, and documentation of results. The task of program coordination is becoming crucial in attaining the impact as forecasted; as well as in managing the internal teams and external stakeholders, thus to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes of the program. Of late this role is centralised with a MEAL officer to coordinate with the teams responsible to capture the results out of the functions of monitoring, evaluating, accounting and learning. This workshop facilitates such cross learning and sharing among the professionals involved in these specific role functions: either as a MEAL officer or as a different role persons contributing to the MEAL.      

Who this workshop is for:  Participants engaged with any roles of project cycle management of the projects and programs of development cooperation, are welcome to join this workshop. MEAL officers and individuals with similar roles and responsibilities will benefit.  The workshop examples will be drawn from our earlier webinars on impact monitoring, theory of change and sequel programs.  However, knowledge on planning procedures like log frame-planning and the use of project cycle management is neither required nor will be taught. 

Further details and registration option can be found: You have become a MEAL Officer? - Karl Kübel Stiftung (kkstiftung.de)