Networking Workshop - African-European Civil Society Migration Dialogue

The discussions around migration from Africa to Europe are surrounded by contrasting perspectives. Yet, civil society has not had much room so far to convey its priorities on migration issues. For this reason, the VENRO Project African-European Civil Society Migration Dialogue aims at strengthening dialogue processes between African and European civil society organisations and migration networks to share their knowledge and develop practical contributions for a more human rights-based migration management.

The International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) brought momentum to examine convergence points on which common strategies and actions can be built up to an effective implementation of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM). This workshop will focus initially on the status quo of the AU-EU Migration Partnership. In the second part, participants will have the opportunity to work in small groups and explore thematic areas for the elaboration of a 10-point action plan to be jointly developed by African-European civil society representatives to elaborate key recommendations to enhance their collaboration on migration.

More information on the agenda can be found in the document attached below. We kindly ask for registration hereby 28 June 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Andressa Barp Seufert (a.seufert(at)venro.org)


The project African-European Civil Society Migration Dialogue is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.