Strengthening Protections for Civic Space Worldwide – G7 Role and Opportunities

01 November 2022

10.00 – 12.00 CET


Online via Zoom

G7 in their special statement on resilient democracies recognised the threats posed to the operating environment for civil society organisations and activists and committed to “speaking out against threats to civic space, and respecting freedom of association and peaceful assembly.”

Indeed, the civic space has been restricted by many countries. Climate activists, human rights defenders, investigative journalists, grassroot organisations campaigning for more transparent and inclusive political processes are affected. Those who stand up for their convictions and advocate for more participation and representation of civil society are increasingly faced with challenges or even threats to their lives and livelihoods.

But how can the G7 take this commitment forward? The workshop aims to increase understanding around the concept of restricted civic space and how civil society working in different fields are impacted from the trend. It will also discuss what C7 groups have been asking from the G7 to do.  It will provide the opportunity for an informal discussion on what else can be done to further the civic space agenda in light of the upcoming G7 foreign ministers meeting and the G7 Japan presidency.