Machtsensible Süd-Nord-Partnerschaften in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (EN)

This Online-Seminar enables an exchange of experiences and good practices and furthermore questions how partnerships between NGOs in the Global South and North can be structured equal, in solidarity and on a basis of trust. This requires a (self-)critical reflection on unequal power relations as well as new working methods and structures. How can power asymmetries in partnerships be openly addressed and reflected upon? What does this mean for the joint project work? How must organizational structures be changed to enable collaborative partnerships?

Weiterführende Materialien

Shifting Power EN   How development and humanitarian NGOs can address the consequences of colonialism in their work.
Shifting Power DE   Wie entwicklungspolitische und humanitäre Nichtregierungsorganisationen den Folgen von Kolonialismus in ihrer Arbeit begegnen können.