25.05.2021, Online (Zoom)

Impact Monitoring is more than Donor Reporting

Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie

Based on a Theory-of-Change approach

13:30 – 17:00 hrs Indian time (IST) Zoom-Web-Training

Other nations with different time zones are hearty welcomed!

In the last years, the expectation that development projects focus more on their impacts (rather than just the smooth implementation of the project measures) has risen dramatically. The scenario due to COVID, raise more expectations to monitor “are we doing right thing”? Organisations and project staff struggle with high expectations to identify pathways of changes and prove those changes.


What will you learn in this workshop?

  • A better understanding of monitoring challenges when using a "Theory of Change" approach
  • The how of developing indicators for quality aspects
  • How to verify if planned changes have been occurred due to your project (concept and tools)
  • How to identify unplanned changes and implement them if wanted/ needed in the running system?


Who is this workshop for?

Participants shall be from organisations dealing with projects and programmes of development cooperation in all fields being responsible or involved in activities of project cycle management. Knowledge of formalized planning procedures like log frame-planning and the use of project cycle management is neither required nor will be taught. Having participated in the web training “How to plan a project with Theory of Change” is of advantage but not mandatory.


Workshop methodology:

  • Inputs and discussions on the relevance of monitoring activities (in the context of development cooperation).
  • Inter-active methods through breakout rooms, chat and dialogues will be used, wherever possible. Sharing of the presentations post-workshop, for future reference


As the workshop language is English, all participants shall be fluent in the same.

Further details can be found:  https://www.kkstiftung.de/en/workshops/current-workshops/impact-monitoring-is-more-than-donor-reporting/index.htm