03.05.2023 - 5.05.2023, Coimbatore, India

Training on: Improving Visibility and Building Credibility

Karl Kübel Stiftung

In the residential workshop from 3rd to 5th May 2023 at KKID, Coimbatore, India you will learn best options in the field of marketing like newsletters, brochures, websites and social media.


You want to improve your skills? This programme will introduce best practices for NGOs to build their brand, create better visibility and build credibility to gain support. Jointly you will learn best options in the field of marketing and social media communication, explore ways to build a positive image and raise awareness.


Course Concept:

As a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), it is necessary and important to be visible to other NGOs, Non-profit Organizations (NPOs), Corporate (CSR), Funding agencies, Philanthropists & Foundations and finally the Public. Having trust and support of the public is as important as having funds and resources to take up and implement development programmes. It is important to know how the public is viewing the actions of an NGO and what the NGO wants the public to see and to know.


Course Outline:

  • The need/purpose and Importance of brand building.
  • Channels of visibility for an NGO.
  • Means and Tools for Visibility – Visual Reports in social media.
  • Developing and publishing documentaries using social media.
  • Using social media for brand building.  


The Resource Team:

Dr. Magimai Pragasam & Dr. Tom Jose, both with nearly threee decades of experience in working with the development sector- nationally & internationally. Dr. Magi is a communication specialist and a qualified film maker in the development sector while Dr. Tom is more of a social scientist and development designer.


Further details can be found under: Improving Visibility and building Credibility - Karl Kübel Stiftung (kkstiftung.de)