VENRO Code of Conduct on Transparency, Organisational Management and Monitoring

In 2008, the Code of Conduct on Transparency, Organisational Management and Monitoring was adopted by VENRO’s members. A two-year pilot phase was agreed upon to allow members to test the practical implementation and to incorporate their experience into the code.

The final code was adopted with a few changes at the members’ assembly on December 16, 2010.

VENRO Code of Conduct Transparency, organisational management and monitoring


VENRO Code Development-Related Public Relations

The VENRO code for development-related public relations was adopted at the members’ assembly in 1998. It is binding on all members and serves to render development-related communications with the public transparent and comprehensible .
The code deals with the tasks and objectives of development-related public  relations, the members’ obligations and the prosecution of breaches. The obligations include respect for the dignity of persons, tolerance, transparent and responsible use of funds, as well as honesty and efficiency in the acquisition of funds.

VENRO Code of Conduct for Development-Related Public Relations


VENRO Code Children’s Rights

In December 2009, the VENRO members adopted the VENRO code on children’s rights. It deals with protecting children against abuse and exploitation in development co-operation and humanitarian aid.
All member organisations aim to create an environment that is safe for children and young people and persons at risk, and that guarantees compliance with human rights. This also includes protection against abuse in the context of  their own organisational and partner structures.

VENRO Code of Conduct for Children's Rights